Coronavirus Roundtable Discussion for Private Clubs

On March 27th The Private Club Agency hosted a roundtable conference through Zoom with many club employees from around the world. The theme of discussion was the effect of the recent Coronavirus crisis, and how it will continue to affect the industry, along with measures and solutions clubs are utilizing to battle through this period. The video of the discussion is available at the top of this post and also on YouTube. The primary topics of discussion were:

  1. Staying connected & relevant with members & prospects
  2. Handling staffing adjustments & layoffs
  3. Dues during closure
  4. Legislation & Impact on clubs
  5. Idea Sharing

Gabriel Aluisy was the primary host, also representing The Private Club Agency, and he was joined by co-host John Scharer, the general manager of Charlotte City Club.

(Note – all numbers are times on the video)

4.45 – This is the start of the first topic. John shares some of the things that Charlotte City Club are doing in this crisis. At 12.10 the chat opens up to the rest of the audience members to contribute.

26.00 – Part two of the first discussion topic begins here, staying relevant with members.

30.50 – The second topic discussion starts here, handling staffing adjustments and layoffs. John opens things up and explains how they have had to make some staffing changes, along with the steps they are taking to look after staff that are temporarily being let go.

32.10 – Gabe opens this topic for discussion and a lot of things are spoken about, including tax exemptions and what sort of relief private clubs are eligible for currently.

42.25 – Topic three discussion begins, dues during closure. Michael Crandall joins the chat and discusses the importance of dues and how they really keep a large number of clubs afloat. Eddie Bullock follows this by discussing the impact being had on UK clubs. Laura Decker also speaks about the importance of making members feel valued and appreciated, especially as a lot of members are seriously considering leaving their club due to the current financial situation.

53.30 – The final discussion topic starts here, Legislation & Impact on clubs. John starts by sharing some thoughts on this topic.

58.00 – The chat opens up for idea sharing and we hear a range of different things that clubs are doing and thinking about doing. There are 10 minutes of thought provoking content here that are definitely worth listening to.