Private Club Social Media Training (Video)

Last fall invited a select group of clients and friends to my private club social media training. I called it the Social Media Mini Masterclass. During the training, I broke down my social media strategy, showcased my favorite productivity tools and even shared some of my super secret hacks. Here’s your chance to have a watch and see why the Private Club Agency is leading the way in digital marketing for private clubs.

Social media best practices are constantly evolving. That’s why our agency regularly conducts educational sessions and trainings that cover the latest best practices. We want to invest in professionals like you, so you can invest your time more wisely and be more productive.

In this video, we share tips for developing your private club’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. We use these powerful social media marketing channels to drive membership to private clubs around the country. We also show you how you can speed up your workflow, be more efficient in your use of time and use automation to free up even more of your day.

Social media marketing shouldn’t feel like a chore. This private club social media training video will prove why it can be an asset for your private club. You’ll especially enjoy this video’s bonus section. I demo the latest technology to improve your membership prospect’s experience all while helping you avoid the pitfalls that will waste your time and lower your productivity.

You’ll come away from this video with confidence and clarity on how to move your club’s social media marketing forward. If you have any questions after you’ve watched it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. My team and I would love to show you how we can help attract younger members, drive more membership and better serve your club members.